Thursday, 12 February 2009

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

Evening all, hope everyone is keep well and cozy. We had a little splattering of snow this morning which lasted a couple of hours and then disappeared. We have been really lucky where I stay, good job really as my Moon-Boots have gone missing!! I think Barry might have had something to do with it (revenge for throwing out his favourite pair of stripey underpants - which I might add were held together by the non-elastic elastic!). He has never let it lay since. I stumbled upon this lovely little site (Daring Cardmakers) & challenge when I was blog-hopping and I thought I would give it a go. I had this image in my stash and I thought it would do just the job.

The challenge is to create an Oriental card without the traditional Red & Black. Looking at the picture now I think I was on the red wine when I was doing this one 'coz the image is squint and the coin is stuck. lol. Oh well, practise makes perfect they say. lol.

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Susan (Sue H) said...

Welcome along to the Daring Cardmakers Karen.

Now if you had said you were on White wine when you stuck down your coins that would have been fine but as the dare definitely said NO RED I’ll have to decide if it’s allowed…Lol!

No seriously, your card is really pretty, even if the coin isn’t quite straight. The colours look wonderful and I love the stamped image because of the amount of detail in it.

Thanks for joining in with the DCM’s this week and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow, just in time for the new dare.