Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wow!! - I have won an award

I received this award from the lovely Hazel, who is so kind to think of little old me. My challenge now is to pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers, with so many of you lot that make me giggle when I read this is going to be a tough one. So in no particular order (feel like Tess & Lesley, Lyn, Maddy, Dawny, and Joey.


Lesley said...

aww thanx huni!! I will pop it on later!!!
Luv n Hugs Lesley xxx

Spyder said...

Oh Wow! Thank you so much, I saw this, this morning, did a swizzle on my swivel chair and my computer went black (I think it too was a little over excited!)
p.s. You are still a dot (*Cozy Frog...I've just got the *) I've tried all sorts...maybe humbugs will work...never mind, I know who the * is, and that's all that matters! ((Lyn))) thank you again.

Clare said...

Hi, love the award, and the new look blog, it's fab. Thx for your comment about my holiday. It was brill. As to washing - 4 suitcases full, lovely:( At least it's been nice this weekend and I didn't have to work today. hugs Clare x