Saturday, 12 November 2011

Things ... can only get better!!!

Evening folks, just checking how every one's weekend is going so far. Mine is going better as the day has gone on. Started badly as went out to the car this morning and ....... flat tyre ...... help! ... luckily Baza (aka Knight in shining armour) was on hand to change it over.

So now I was a running late to get to the Albert Halls, Stirling for our charity stall. We were that last ones to get set up, but we managed ...... even though in the haste to get the car packed up due to the above mentioned tyre we had forgot to pack the card display racks and boxes!! .... but with a bit of improvisations with cardboard boxes, tupperware and balancing we did the best we

At last, we could relax and enjoy the day, as every year, it is always a pleasure to go there and see alot of regular friendly faces from customers to fellow stall holders. Then ... crash .... one of our balancing display acts of gift tags toppled over and managed to spill coffee everywhere ... (mostly on my jacket ... thank goodness the splashes missed our stall goodies.  Then feeling left out, our jewellery display board started to get in the act by throwing itself off the table a couple of times when people went past! .... and  finally when moving the selection of gift bags across to the other side of the table... another coffee goes flying .... this time my cardigan got it!!

But after all that, it was still a good fun day and I think we managed to raise over £120 - woohoo!!! So now back home I have got my  feet-up and a wee glass of cheeky Red in hand getting comfy on the sofa to watch Strictly Come Dancing ....  come on Russell and Favia....

Kaza. xxx

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